A century protecting and conservating

protecting and preserving from 1923


Electroniquel, a company specialist in electrolytic coating, has a factory of more than 3000 sqm in the industrial state of BANKUNION II, Gijon, in which it develops several lines of production: cutting-mechanizing, zinc (Rack & Barrel) , silver, tin, copper plating/bonding, zinc phosfatation, descaling and passivation os stainless steels, varnishing & polishing of metal surfaces. These processes combine into two different activities: The manufacture and sale of electrical earthing items, the plating (zinc, copper, tin, silver, alloyed zinc), and Other Treatments/coatings.



Electroniquel is a leader company designing and manufacturing earthing Systems PE (protective earthing). Our different production lines : steel cutting and mechanizing, Rack and Barrel zinc, silver , tin and copper bonding allow of manufacturing grounding rods, accessories, copper and copper bonded mats, connectors etc, a full range of earthing items to get control about lightning and electrical surges.



    In order to avoid electrical surges and to earth Lightning, Electroniquel developpes a full range of grounding devices.


  • Earthing fittings

    Earth rods, electrolytic copper bonded steel manufactured from 25 to 350 microns.

    Grounding CATALOGUE

  • Connectors and Protective conductors

    Our seven production lines, cutting, machining, static zinc, rotary zinc, Plated industrial, decorative, tinned, copper coated, allow us to assume the highest demands demanded by the market, both in the development of new solutions in connectivity, as well as in operative and maintenance tasks.

    Catalogue of Connection components

  • Exothermic welding

    The exothermic welding process allows a full range of molecullary joins od copper/copper, copper/galvanized or raw steel, copper/copper bonded steel, copper/brass/ Stained Steel, stell/steel without external heat or energy sources.

    Exothermic welding catalog




With direct current we can make a molecular deposit of metal on steel or other ferro –magnetic metals (copper, zinc and its alloys), protecting this surfaces against corrosion, either by sacrifice (zinc) or by protective barrier ( copper, nickel)


  • Finish more resistant than conventional paint.

    Powder paint

    We are specialized in the application of electrolytic zinc on all types of metallic pieces. The chemical procedures we use, our quality management system and our enviromental protection plan, will guarantee a fully satisfaction of our customer´s needs, respecting enviromental. + info: www.alesgrupo.com

  • High Resistance against rust and corrotion.

    Zinc Plating

    We are specialized in the application of electrolytic zinc on all types of metallic pieces. The chemical procedures we use, our quality management system and our enviromental protection plan, will guarantee a fully satisfaction of our customer´s needs, respecting enviromental.

  • Tin plating

    Silver and Tin plating.

    In any range the Silver Plating process was one of the oldest applications of electrolytic deposits. From there/ Until now, no other system was found as better thanks to continuous developing.

  • Corrosión and rust proof

    Copper bonding

    This metallic bonding of copper has great capacity anti corrosion and rustproof; it´s applied into the industrial activity in order to be an excellent conductor in pieces subsequently welded. As a basis for a Nickel, Chrome or Tin plating is its main application in pieces with a high requirement of durability.

  • Becoming aged and finishings

    Alkali Satin Copper

    It´s a process to get a decorative finish applying color and uniform shine in copper and nickel Plated pieces. The finishing is protected with polyurethane lacquer and it could be applied over iron, and its foundery , zamac, copper, lead etc. It´s made in static and barrel baths, even varnished.

  • Corrosion resistance


    The pasivation is really important to keep a long term life of stainless steel. The resistance against corrosion is the main character of stainless steel. Without this resistance funcionallity of stainless steel is in jeopardy. In order to be sure resistance against corrosion in stainless steel keeps active al along it´s life, the stainless steel surface is treated to remain into a passive way.


    Mechanic Polishing, varnished

    Thanks to our hand-mechanical polishing with discs, plasters and polishing belts we get to erase tiny holes and scrapes in the surface, polishing all kind of metals. We treat each material: iron, brass, copper, aluminium, and stainless steel getting the finish the customer requires, either brilliant polishing or satin mate.


    Zinc Phosphatising

    Zinc phosphatising treatment of metallic pieces consists in their surface transformation in a layer of metallic phosphates from varied natures, that neutralizes its hydrogens until becomes in a neutral water insoluble phosphate, with a porous and absorbent structure heavily anchored to metal, with properties of corrosion proof and high resistance to physical damage, that make phosphatising an important treatment for industry.

ReWaCEM European project

Electroniquel is part of the European ReWaCEM project whose objective is to reduce water use, energy consumption and recovery of wastewater resources by reducing metals through two cutting edge membrane technologies. Diffusion dialysis (DD) and distillation membrane (MD) as an integrated hybrid process.



AENOR certificates

We are AENOR certified company of product electrical for low voltage




We are ISO9001(2015) certified company




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    33211 Gijón - ASTURIAS (SPAIN)
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