durable electroplating

Metal plating

antioxidant and anticorrosive


Copper plating of metals is an electrolytic treatment that is applied either in a drum or rack to metal parts with copper and a variable thickness depending on the needs to protect them against oxidation, wear or corrosion. It is a process used as a finish to improve the final appearance or as an intermediate step in nickel plating, chrome plating, gold plating, silver plating or brass plating processes as copper provides adhesion. This coating has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity


copper plating PROCESS

The entire copper process is carried out by completely immersing the parts in a battery of vats, each with different compositions and missions.


Copper plating characteristics

good finish

The copper deposit has a shiny appearance

good electrical conductor

high electrical and thermal conductivity

Bon pré-traitement

The electrolytic process may be required as a final finish or as a pre-treatment for a subsequent electrolytic bath.

Contains trivalent chromium

decorative treatment

Ideal for restoration

Due to its colour it is an ideal coating for the restoration of antique and aged objects.

Resistant coating

Reliable and durable coating

copper plating application

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